Deanna Earned Her Way Forward to Training Manager

Whenever a team member earns a promotion or achieves a goal, we like to show them that we support and admire their pluck. This month, we want to congratulate Deanna for her recent promotion to training manager by highlighting her in our Emprise Management Group blog.

“Deanna is a little newer to our team, but she has a strong work ethic and an extremely positive attitude,” stated Sellus, our firm’s President. “She has been a force to be reckoned with since the beginning. With her unbridled optimism she really strives to make each individual happy and feel valued. Around the office we think of her as sunlight that helps positivity grow. She has developed so much both personally and professionally since joining the team.”

Recognition is a pillar of our Emprise Management Group culture. By giving credit where credit is due and congratulating one another when we hit our goals, we encourage each other to keep putting 100 percent effort into our careers. This, in turn, drives even greater accomplishments, which creates an upward spiral of success that fuels individual success while driving our company’s growth as well.

Congratulations again to Deanna for making such a big impact on our team in a relatively short period of time, and for earning a promotion to training manager. To see who we shine our company spotlight on next, follow Emprise Management Group on Twitter.