Examples of Social Responsibility in Action

Consumers want to do business with socially responsible companies, and professionals want to work for them. In addition to our desire to make a positive impact on the world, these are some of the reasons philanthropy is an Emprise Management Group value. Charitable giving is much more than monetary donation, however. There are many ways to spark change.

For instance, embracing fair labor practices is an easy way to run an ethical business. Simply stay up to date on the latest guidelines and ensure that they are in place throughout your company. Also research the vendors and other businesses with which you partner, and confirm that they treat their people fairly.

Responsible shipping is an option as well. In fact, it’s often overlooked. Shipping products can be a troubling endeavor, with so much air pollution resulting from freight transportation. Business leaders can do their parts by consulting Freightera. It’s a start-up focused on reducing environmental threat through low-emission transport.

Green office space is another means of making a difference. In the Emprise Management Group headquarters, we use natural lighting as well as LED bulbs when necessary. We also take advantage of recycled materials, and we’re careful to turn off equipment when it’s not in use. Some companies are even using green roofs to save energy throughout the year.

These are effective ways to make the world a better place. Like Emprise Management Group on Facebook to learn about our latest giveback projects.