Extravagant Atlantic City Holiday Party

We never cut corners – not even when it’s time to celebrate. Our propensity to go big was clear at our annual holiday party. It took place at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City! Other professionals from our industry were in attendance as well. Together, everyone from Emprise Management Group and elsewhere had fun while recognizing big successes and new promotions:

• Bonding: When we spend time away from the office, we aren’t distracted by our usual duties. We can focus more on each other. The 12-hour drive to New Jersey from Memphis certainly allowed us a lot of time to strengthen our bonds! The more we learn about each other’s strengths and interests, the better we perform back at the Emprise Management Group headquarters. With heightened collaboration comes increased morale and engagement.

• Networking: Another exciting aspect of the holiday party was the chance to see old friends from other offices. Maintaining these relationships helps us keep our networks healthy. Of course, we also met plenty of new people. Hearing their stories is humbling, because it shows us what’s possible in this business and really makes us want to work toward our goals.

The holiday party is an annual affair, so it’s nice to catch up and celebrate on a regular basis. We’re already looking forward to the next one! Review our Emprise Management Group Facebook to get more details.