How to Feel Confident During Your Next Presentation

Whether your audience consists of 10 people or 1,000, speaking in public is likely to spark some nervousness. These jitters are normal, albeit uncomfortable. When we present on behalf of Emprise Management Group, we use some proven techniques to manage our nerves and project confidence.

For instance, we only speak on subjects with which we have expertise – such as our sales and marketing solutions. We know the material inside and out, and we feel comfortable sharing our strengths and answering questions about them.

Practice is also a requirement for presenting with confidence. Though there’s no need to memorize a speech word for word, it is important to prepare key points and determine which language will resonate most with the audience. This rehearsal includes body language as well. Our Emprise Management Group colleagues stand in as listeners when we practice, giving us constructive feedback to help us improve.

We prepare for the unexpected as well. If our allotted 25 minutes of speaking time is cut to 10 minutes, for example, we know how we will adapt our delivery. If there are technical difficulties with lighting or slides, we’ll roll with them instead of letting them throw us off our game. The mere knowledge that we have the ability to roll with the punches helps us relax.

These confidence-boosting methods ensure presentation success. Follow Emprise Management Group on Twitter for more insights into effective public speaking.