First Impression Tips for Interviewees

It’s imperative for jobseekers to make positive first impressions during interviews. When we meet with potential additions to Team Emprise Management Group, we look for a few key signs that he or she is a good fit for our culture. Here are some ways the most impressive candidates help themselves stand out during the interview process.

As they tell interviewers about themselves, it’s a good idea for candidates to tell stories that will resonate. In our experience, more specific is always better when a person discusses his or her unique background. Any anecdote that relates directly to the job itself is an added bonus.

In a similar vein, we want to hear about candidates’ special talents when we interview them. If someone has a memorable account of when he or she overcame a big obstacle to deliver a big win, we’re immediately more interested. When a story shows how positive a person’s approach to work is, it’s easier for us to visualize him or her thriving in the Emprise Management Group office.

It’s important for jobseekers to anticipate the most common types of interview questions. When we ask people to tell us about themselves, we don’t want them to stick to job-related aspects. We want to learn some personal details that set them apart from their fellow candidates.

Jobseekers who remember these fundamentals tend to impress our hiring managers. Learn more of our best interview tips by following Emprise Management Group on