Our Formula for Making the Best Decisions

Putting our ethics into practice is part of the Emprise Management Group culture. As business leaders both in our industry and the community, we prioritize values like honesty and generosity in the way we conduct ourselves professionally and personally.

We realize this is an ambitious expectation, but we have some help. Team Emprise Management Group has found these questions to be useful in guiding our decision-making process:

  • “Will I Be Proud of This Decision in the Future?”: Achieving this kind of perspective takes practice, but when we consider the consequences of our actions we are inclined to make better choices.
  • “Am I About to Act in Accordance With My Values?”: We use our value system as the foundation of our decision-making process. This strengthens our integrity, which in turn makes it easier to know the right thing to do in any situation.
  • “Are My Reasons for Making This Decision Clear?: People follow leaders who make rational choices. Being transparent about the reasons behind our choices instills confidence in our peers.
  • “Where Can I Find a Quarter?: It sounds silly, but if we flip a coin when faced with a tough choice it puts us in a rubber-meets-the-road situation. Pro-and-con lists are great, but they can be a bit too academic and lack the emotional pull needed to make authentic decisions.

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