Interested in a Promotion? Embrace Happiness!

The Emprise Management Group path to advancement is clear. We know what we must achieve in order to earn promotions. As we pursue our career goals, we’re learning that one factor seems to stand above all others. Happiness matters.

It makes sense. Happy people tend to be satisfied with and engaged in their work. Engaged workers are the most productive ones, which means they not only drive business – they also earn the attention of their leaders when it’s time for advancement.

These are some Emprise Management Group techniques for making happiness clear to a manager:

• Say It: This is an obvious necessity, but so important that it bears mentioning. Make sure your leader knows precisely what you like to do in the office, and that you’re eager to assume more responsibility. Your enthusiasm will be noted.

• Build Relationships: It’s just as important to communicate with your colleagues as it is to communicate with your manager. The more you connect with your coworkers, the clearer your strengths and ambitions will be to them. In time, you’ll establish a reputation for yourself as a capable professional worthy of advancement.

By making your intentions known and building a strong network of supportive colleagues, your happiness will shine and you will effectively position yourself for a promotion. Follow Emprise Management Group on Twitter to find more career development strategies.