Leadership Lessons Tested by the Best

When we complete the Emprise Management Group leadership training program, we don’t simply learn from the frontrunners in our industry. We look to influential individuals in varying sectors all over the world, who have an abundance of wisdom to share.

For example, ZinePak’s Kim Kaupe taught us the importance of expressing vulnerability when necessary. According to Kaupe, “As a leader, I often act like a duck on the water: calm and cool on the surface and kicking or paddling beneath. An employee noticed I had been “off,” and I confessed that my grandmother was not well and I was overwhelmed by the amount of work. Not only did she take some work off my plate, she did a great job doing it. It reminded me that sometimes it’s good to let employees see the entire picture!”

Trust is one of Emprise Management Group’s foundational principles. Andrew Saladino, of Kitchen Cabinet Kings, is also a proponent of trust. He indicates, “As your company grows, you can’t be involved in every decision. Lots of times you’re going to want to pop into meetings to see what’s going on or give your input to the team. Asking questions is great but you’ve got to trust your employees to make the right decisions. If you trust yourself to make the right hiring decisions, you’ve got to let some things go and see what people are capable of.”

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