Lessons Learned From Our Communications Workshop

We recently held an Emprise Management Group workshop on communication skills. These are important for everyone to master but are especially vital in on-site sales promotions. Each person that we meet in one of our campaigns deserves a well-trained marketer with whom it is a pleasure to speak.

Some of the Emprise Management Group techniques we covered were:

• Talk With People: Rather than stop at sharing data and product specs with consumers, we interact with the intention of learning what they want to know.

• Add Value: Even if it’s just a wave and a smile, we have the chance to provide something of value to everyone we meet. Also, we make sure to be topic experts on everything related to our campaigns, so that we can answer any questions asked of us.

• Actively Listen: The best way to genuinely understand a person is to pay full attention to what he or she is saying while also looking for nonverbal cues and tuning out the surrounding environment. In other words, listening is a very active process that takes practice, but is more than worth the effort.

Every person we come across presents a unique chance to share the confidence we have in ourselves and in the products we represent. Workshops ensure that every aspect of the conversation is a benefit to the consumers we meet; this is why we never stop helping our team members develop as people and professionals. Learn more about our focus on continual learning by liking Emprise Management Group on Facebook.