Nashville Here We Come!

Hard work pays off, and in the case of Emprise Management Group, our diligence has led to an expansion opportunity to one of the nation’s fastest growing markets: Nashville. One of our superstars, Sara, will be leading the way on this new endeavor, bringing with her a team poised to create impact for the brands we represent.

Why is this move so exciting? The interactive marketing industry is quickly emerging as a sure-fire bet for savvy companies who want to by-pass traditional advertising methods and connect with customers in a more effective manner. When we have a chance to bring our talent to a new city like Nashville, it signals how Emprise Management Group has become one of the pace-setters in this field.

Sara is at the helm of this new venture because she embraces a growth-oriented mind-set that is highly desirable in leaders. In other words, Sara loves to learn. In fact, she is always seeking new opportunities to hone her skills and add to her repertoire of talents that benefit not only her advancement, but her team and the brands we represent.

Of course, there’s no surprise that Sara and her team are primed to excel. Our Emprise Management Group learning environment is cultivated precisely to provide ambitious people with multiple opportunities to gain knowledge and build the confidence they need to set out and manage their own teams and campaigns.

Our expansion into the Nashville market is just one we anticipate over the coming months. Check out our Newswire for frequent updates.