Preparing for an Interview? Remember the Essentials

Landing a job interview is a victory, although the actual meeting can be quite intense. Candidates often don’t know what they’re in for, which makes preparation difficult. In our experience hiring for Emprise Management Group, however, we’ve noticed that the most promising applicants bring a few essentials. You can equip yourself with them as well, and increase the likelihood of success.

Always remember the basics, such as a pad and pen to take notes and record questions that may arise (for that matter, be sure to arrive with some of your own questions too). Extra copies of your résumé count as essentials as well. Although Emprise Management Group hiring managers are always careful to be prepared with hard copies of résumés, there’s no guarantee that your interviewer will have one on hand.

There are certain bits of knowledge that will help you make a positive impression. Prior to your meeting, get to know as much as you can about the organization. Learn about its mission and guiding principles, along with its primary offering and pain points. Also remember your own value, which includes your practical experience and qualifications – not to mention your soft skills. This awareness will not only help you answer questions, but also aid any negotiation that may take place.

You’ve worked hard to earn an interview, so make the most of it. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook