PRESS RELEASE: Emprise Management Group Attends National Conference

MEMPHIS, TN – Emprise Management Group’s President shared details on a recent networking conference attended by several team members. He also offered a few of his best tips for making connections at business functions.

Travel incentives are among the most valuable developmental tools any team can use. They are certainly key components of the Emprise Management Group commitment to ongoing training. Sellus, the firm’s President, explained, “We send our brand experts on a range of business excursions to broaden their horizons. The most recent was the national quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas last month.”

Along with Sellus, Emprise Management Group was represented by Sara, Caitlyn, and four new leaders at the event. The firm’s President added, “This event was a prime opportunity for our people to see the bigger picture as far as what’s possible in our industry. Being surrounded by accomplished pros and top leaders was inspiring to say the least. Our team members came back home more motivated than ever to reach their aggressive career growth goals.”

The networking potential offered by the conference was significant. There were influential business people from all across the country in attendance. Sellus noted, “Our brand experts were able to discuss best practices and bring back some pointers for improving our current processes as well. I’m sure the connections they made in Dallas will be valuable additions to their contact lists, providing advice in a variety of key areas.”

Emprise Management Group’s President Shares Conference Networking Tips

Being surrounded by accomplished people at a big conference can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to networking at these events, professionals need to have a plan. Sellus remarked, “Before we attend any big industry function, I remind our brand experts of a few key connecting strategies. Perhaps the most important is doing research before the proceedings. Doing some homework on LinkedIn or social media pages dedicated to the conference can give our team members the edge in meeting the most helpful contacts.”

Offering some kind of assistance right off the bat is one of the best ways to make a strong impression on potential contacts. “Even something as simple as a book recommendation can make a big impact,” Sellus noted. “It’s essential to set the right tone from the outset of every interaction with new people. Helping someone right away is the best strategy for creating a mutually beneficial bond going forward.”

Sellus also encourages members of Team Emprise Management Group to ask open-ended questions as they build their networks. The idea is that keeping another person talking is the best way to find common ground on which to build a strong connection.

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