PRESS RELEASE: Emprise Management Group To Enjoy Punta Cana Trip as Perk

MEMPHIS, TN – Several Emprise Management Group team members will be heading to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for some well-earned rest and relaxation, according to company President, Sellus.

Sellus and his management team will be taking several Emprise Management Group top performers to Punta Cana for an industry rest and relaxation event. He indicated that this trip serves as a job perk and provides opportunities for networking and learning for his people. It is set to be an enjoyable getaway on the tropical island.

“Everyone at Emprise Management Group is excited about the travel opportunity to the Dominican Republic,” Sellus said. “During the event, our team will have the opportunity to meet other individuals in our field who have worked hard and consistently for their business. We will also spend some time relaxing in the tropical weather.”

A major element of the event will be networking between the attendees. The people from Emprise Management Group will have the chance to meet their peers from around the country. They will share their experiences and success stories while learning best practices from others. Sellus indicated that this is one of the most effective ways to stay up to date on the latest in the industry.

“I’m honored to say I have been nominated for an award myself, Rookie Manager of the Year,” he added, “It is amazing to even be considered for the award. The R&R is an opportunity to explore new places and network with a number of industry leaders. It’s always humbling to see hard work pay off.”

The award ceremony will kick off the rest of the event. Everyone from Emprise Management Group will be there to support Sellus.

Emprise Management Group’s President Discussed the Benefits of Travel Opportunities

According to Sellus, every Emprise Management Group team member gets opportunities to travel. He asserted that this is a significant perk of working on the team.

“Getting to visit new places is always exciting,” he explained. “It is one of the most rewarding benefits we can offer our people. Travel is also an excellent way to break the routine and boost morale.”

He added that team member wellness is a priority. The team organizes trips to support the success and growth of the travelers. “No matter the other benefits of travel, personal wellness is a big part of positive experiences. So, we always consider that to be an important aspect of planning.”

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