PRESS RELEASE: Reflection Helps Emprise Management Group Set the Right Tone

MEMPHIS, TN – Emprise Management Group leaders are reflecting on the firm’s successes in 2018. Sellus, the firm’s President, discussed the importance of looking back to setting proper goals for the future.

Emprise Management Group team members have much to be proud of, according to Sellus. For example, 2018 saw an incredible number of team members earn promotions into management. Not only is this a huge victory for those who advanced in their careers, but this success helps fuel the firm’s expansion efforts as well.

This is another notch in the company’s proverbial belt, shared Sellus. In 2018, Emprise Management Group grew into the Nashville market, which was (and still is) ripe for growth and success. Lastly, the team traveled to numerous places such as Dallas, Texas, and Jonesboro, Arkansas, where they learned best practices and winning strategies from global industry leaders. Sellus is extremely happy with what has happened over the last twelve months for these and many more reasons, and he says he can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

Empire Management Group’s Power of Reflection for Creating Future Success

According to Sellus, reviewing the activities of a year gone by is just good business. On an individual level, this practice provides savvy Emprise Management Group professionals with the insights and perspectives needed to establish smart goals for the next twelve months. For business leaders, looking back communicates to the entire team the importance of learning from the past, and it’s a way to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the company’s accomplishments.

Once victories have been celebrated and lessons have been absorbed, it’s time to use this wisdom to define expectations for the coming year. By getting the entire team involved, Sellus ensures everyone feels engaged with and connected to the objectives set, and like valued contributors to the firm’s success. Again, this just makes sense, Sellus shared – team members are the people who work most closely with consumers and are the ones taking action on a daily basis to push the firm toward its goals. In other words, they know best what works and what doesn’t. In fact, the conversation about which objectives to implement should include the opportunity for individuals to share their practical knowledge with the rest of the team.

After wrapping up such a great year, Sellus is enthusiastic about starting 2019 with momentum. He is sure they will see even more promotions, expansions, and travel opportunities in the coming year.

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