Public Speaking Advice From the Curator of TED Talks

When we bring Emprise Management Group associates on board, we teach them the skills that will help them thrive both in our industry and the professional world at large. Our curriculum extends beyond our personal knowledge though; whenever we can, we turn to the experts.

In the case of public speaking, one of the most qualified professionals to provide instruction on the subject is Chris Anderson, the curator at TED Talks. He’s been coaching aspiring orators for over three decades, and of course being associated with TED gives him credibility too. Here are some highlights from his own TED Talk, a favorite at the Emprise Management Group office.

Make the presentation as straightforward as possible. “Ideas are complex things; you need to slash back your content so that you can focus on the single idea you’re most passionate about, and give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly,” Anderson says.

He also identifies three ways to deliver a talk: read it from the script, bounce from bullet point to bullet point, or memorize it. The third option is always the most successful.

Another recommendation Anderson makes is to be mindful of body language. Communications experts agree that our nonverbal cues convey at least as much information as our words. Practicing speeches in front of friends or a mirror helps us identify distracting movements and curb them.

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