Putting Sara in the Spotlight

Our inspiring team culture is one of the main reasons Emprise Management Group continues to exceed growth goals. We enjoy taking time to highlight our top performers, and this month it’s assistant manager Sara who’s being recognized.

Sellus, our company’s President, explained, “Sara studied business administration and communication at the University of Tennessee – Chattanooga. She has achieved great success with Emprise Management Group because she’s committed to setting clear goals that help her monitor progress and make adjustments. Sara continues to set a fine example for everyone else on our team.”

Since coming to our firm, Sara has been able to learn all the details of the interactive marketing business. She remarked, “I’m proud of the knowledge and skills I’ve been able to add during my time with the company, but I’m even happier to share what I’ve learned to help others reach their goals. I look forward to further refining my leadership skills. Overall, I’m very happy to be a part of this business.”

Sara supported a nonprofit that services single mother refugees when she was in college. She someday hopes to be a Hijabi fashion designer and cracks a new phone about once a month. Sara enjoys shopping and dancing in her free time.

We’re pleased to have Sara setting such a strong example for our team. Follow her achievements by liking Emprise Management Group on Facebook.