Saleem in Our Company Spotlight

Our people are the driving forces behind Emprise Management Group’s ongoing growth. That’s why it’s important to highlight our top performers on a regular basis. Saleem, one of our firm’s leaders, is the latest to bask in the spotlight.

Saleem is a candidate for the Top Leader award, which reflects how valuable he has become to Emprise Management Group. He explained, “I think my mind-set has played a big role in my success as a leader. My positive attitude is matched only by my willingness to learn. I also have a strong work ethic, which allows me to fully benefit from my developmental pursuits. All these attributes ensure I’m a good role model for others who want to refine their skill sets.”

In his relatively short time with our company, Saleem has come to understand what it means to be a leader. He remarked, “I’ve taken control of my career growth since coming to Emprise Management Group. I think I’ve also developed a great deal of self-discipline, which helps me every day.”

When it comes to future aspirations, Saleem has a couple of prime examples he wants to follow. “I’m really looking forward to working alongside Selus and becoming as successful as he is,” Saleem added. “I’d also love to open as many offices as Hithim, and make them the best offices in the world!”

Saleem recently attended a conference in Dallas to advance his development. He stated, “I picked up an abundance of valuable insights during that trip. More than anything, being around so many accomplished people reminded me that answers are everywhere if I just keep building my professional network.”

We’re excited to watch Saleem’s continued career development. Follow him and all our top performers by following us on Twitter.