Simple Strategies for Networking Success

Relationship-building remains one of the biggest components of professional success, and this skill will retain its value long into the future. When it comes to networking strategies, simple is best. There are already so many variables involved in the networking process, why add complicated approaches to the mix? Here are the methods we teach to new Emprise Management Group associates.

Networking is about connecting with people – not necessarily meeting them. It’s perfectly acceptable – even preferable at times – to focus on strengthening our existing contact lists. These are the folks we already know but haven’t spoken to in a while, or perhaps people we see regularly but haven’t conversed with yet.

Also, our Emprise Management Group attitude toward networking is that it’s about what we can give. We offer help without thought of reward, which in turn encourages our new contacts to reciprocate. In each exchange, the foundation of a pleasant professional relationship is born.

When the time comes to make new connections, we advise our novice colleagues to take it easy at first. We suggest they set a small goal for a networking event – something like, “I will have a great conversation with one person that leads to a follow-up appointment,” and build from there.

Networking is a vital Emprise Management Group skill, and it’s a topic we often discuss at Twitter. Follow us to stay on top of the latest techniques.