Travel Helps Us Develop Our Executive Skills

Our Emprise Management Group travel program is not just a fantastic perk. It’s also one of our best professional development tools. One month might include cross-training in another city, while another might find us meeting with industry leaders in a vacation resort for hands-on training.

The chance to network is a benefit of our trips as well. Networks are vital for success in today’s digital world, which makes our attendance at industry events even more necessary. We want to give our associates every chance possible for success.

In fact, we see networking as such a crucial executive competency that we include it as part of our Emprise Management Group training program. This way, when we travel to conferences and retreats, we know exactly how to make meaningful connections with like-minded professionals.

Why does networking make such a difference? One reason is that it gives us a chance to build our professional reputations. We share insightful content, answer questions, and in general establish ourselves as good people to know.

Also, we gain access to the combined knowledge and work experience of everyone in our network. The advice and insight from a group of knowledgeable professionals who know us and want to see us succeed is a catalyst for career success.

Networking is just one reason our travel program is foundational to our success. See where we journey to next by following Emprise Management Group on Twitter.