Using Our Thoughts to Shape Reality

James Allen published a book in the early 1900s titled “As a Man Thinketh,” and it’s one of the books on the Emprise Management Group reading list. In it, he writes, “All that a man achieves and that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts…His condition is his own, and not another man’s.” While we would change the terminology to reflect our commitment to gender equality, the point is still relevant – our thoughts define our reality, and we’re responsible for what we think.

This may sound daunting, and in fact it can be without some coaching. Here are some Emprise Management Group mantras that help us bring about the results we desire:

  • “Right Now Is Always the Right Time”: The perfect time to start a project or begin making better decisions is always now.
  • “I Have Enough Time to Do What Matters Most”: It’s amazing what we can accomplish in a day when we prioritize our time and focus only on the tasks that will move us closer to achievement.
  • “I Am the Perfect Age to Succeed”: When we think of ourselves as being too young or too old, we’re comparing ourselves to a fictional standard. Now is always the right time because no matter what, we’re the right age.

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