Ways to Recognize the Achievements of Team Members

Empowering our people is a top priority for the Emprise Management Group leadership team. A major element of this is acknowledging team members for their contributions to the company’s success. Simply recognizing hard work can go a long way toward building a great team culture. Here are a few ways managers can show their people their appreciation:

• Shout-Outs: Establish a regular habit of team shout-outs. For example, you may highlight the hard work of one or two people every Friday afternoon. Shining a spotlight on someone’s work is a simple way to reward that effort.

• Bang a Gong: Traditions are important parts of cultural development. Consider developing a very noticeable ritual for celebrating successes. For example, when someone exceeds a quota, bang a gong to alert the whole team.

• Give Back: Team celebrations are important. One of our favorite ways to mark a victory at Emprise Management Group is to give back together. It is a fun group activity that also feels very rewarding for everyone involved.

• Play Theme Music: A more personal cultural tradition is to play theme music for people who achieve a goal. This is especially effective for small to medium-size groups. Each person has a song that gets played whenever he or she reaches a milestone.

These techniques for recognizing team members’ work are powerful cultural tools. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook