Our Week in Atlanta Was Time Well Spent

Throughout the year, we provide travel opportunities to our team members. These trips allow us to reward top producers for their efforts, recognize those who have committed themselves to our Emprise Management Group mission and methods, and provide next-level training and development.

Recently our team returned from a week in Atlanta, Georgia. We spent our time there networking and cross-training with some of the most talented professionals in our field. It was a very collaborative week, and we really got to focus on growing ourselves and our business.

Another benefit of our Atlanta trip was that we got to experience it together. When we’re away from home, we connect with one another on a deeper level than our normal daily routines allow. This leads to greater collaboration back at the office and lifelong friendships as well.

“I’m really proud of the way everyone pulled together to make the most of this week-long event,” stated the President of Emprise Management Group, Sellus. “Everyone worked really hard to absorb all the knowledge that they could, and represent our firm to the best of their abilities. Some of the biggest takeaways from the trip included learning how to motivate ourselves to reach our goals, and how to work more efficiently. We also discussed strategies to build confidence and be more effective trainers.”

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