Welcoming Colleagues From an East Coast Office

A few Emprise Management Group colleagues from our Pennsylvania office came down to visit us here in Memphis! The travelers brought the latest best practices from their market, and we all enjoyed connecting with our comrades from the northeast. While it was a short trip, our home crew really gained from the tips learned and friendships made.

Travel is a big part of the Emprise Management Group experience, whether visitors are coming to us or we’re sending our team members elsewhere. The latter is usually the case though: throughout the year, we attend conferences, seminars, and even weekend retreats that get us around the top names in our industry. The knowledge we gain from these events is always immediately applicable when we get back home.

Trips are also incredibly motivating – especially the all-expenses-paid vacations for top producers! Knowing that we can visit other cities or even countries with our coworkers ensures that we put 100 percent effort into our campaigns at all times.

Our travel program is also useful for training purposes. One of the most important skills we teach is goal setting, and when we announce a trip, we make sure we give the specifics on how to qualify, what benefits the attendees will receive, and the deadlines for hitting any required milestones (all elements of a well-defined objective).

We really enjoyed spending time with our team members from PA, and look forward to heading their way in the future. See what trips our people take next by liking Emprise Management Group on Facebook.